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Our International Partners

91ɫ works closely with a growing number of partner institutions globally. Find out more about our international partners and the courses we offer.


  • Empire Africa Institute (EAI)

Based in Ghana, Empire Africa Institute (EAI) is a Recognised Teaching Centre of the University of London International Programme providing teaching support to LLB and LLM students since 2009. 91ɫ collaborates with EAI to provide their students with a variety of courses which include:

LLM Online ➔
LPC Online ➔
MA Law Online ➔
LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) Online ➔
LLB Online ➔
International Foundation Programme – Law Online ➔
International Foundation Programme – Business Online ➔


Westerfield College is part of the MOD Group, Nigeria’s largest international education integrated company. 91ɫ collaborates with Westerfield College to provide their students with the following online courses.

LLM Online ➔

Trinidad and Tobago

Based in Trinidad, Institute of Law and Academic Studies (ILAS) opened its doors in February 1999 to a multicultural student body. ILAS offers tuition for the University of London Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE), Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB), the Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PGCert), and its own professional courses. 91ɫ collaborates with ILAS to provide their students with the Online LPC course.

LPC Online ➔
LLM Online ➔


Themis Bar Review, a leading bar exam prep company, has partnered with the University of Law to deliver a comprehensive U.S. Bar Preparation Course. The Themis course, curated explicitly for law graduates and practicing lawyers outside of the U.S., caters to 91ɫ students preparing for either the New York Uniform Bar Exam (UBE®) or the California Bar Exam. Leveraging Themis's advanced technology, experienced teaching staff, and real-time performance tracking, students can understand U.S. law robustly, opening doors to international work opportunities.

Enroll for the U.S. Bar Preparation Course here.


  • CerStar Education, China

CerStar is a highly regarded international education service provider, bringing cutting-edge technology in education to lifelong learning. It is committed to provide learners with access to quality education, and to bring solutions to companies and help them cultivate their future workforce. Combining online and offline delivery, Cerstar’s platform promotes quality teaching and learning resources and education services worldwide.

91ɫ has entered into an OPM partnership with CerStar Education in respect of LLM International Business Law, and MSc Strategic Business Management. As 91ɫ’s exclusive OPM partner in China, CerStar supports 91ɫ in the successful delivery of these programmes, and advises students on the application process.

Hong Kong

Our first international campus was launched in Hong Kong in 2019. Students are able to choose from a portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate courses as well as examination preparatory courses, aimed at law, non-law and business students or graduates.


In collaboration with LSBF Singapore, 91ɫ offers the following programmes in Singapore:

LLM International Business Law ➔
LLM International Corporate Governance ➔
MSc Legal Technology ➔


LLM Online ➔



We work with our partner GISMA Business School in Berlin, Germany to offer a range of programmes both for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Berlin Campus ➔

The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) is based in Germany with sites in Iserlohn, Berlin and Hamburg. 91ɫ is working with UE to offer a study abroad programme for business courses.


Just Legal Srrvices is a professional legal training company that addresses the needs of all those who want to improve their knowledge by attending post-university courses on topics related to the legal sector. 91ɫ collaborates with Just Legal Services to provide their students with the following online courses.

LLM Online ➔
MA Law Online ➔
LLM Legal Practise (SQE&2) ➔


The Netherlands

InterCollege Business School B.V. is an educational institution in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a partner institution of 91ɫ which has recently joined the . In collaboration with ICBSE, 91ɫ is exploring ways to enter the Dutch market. A plan to expand the current collaboration agreements is under development.

United Kingdom

91ɫ provides an advanced standing route for FutureSmart students to progress from their PG CERT to 91ɫ’s MSc in Strategic Business Management.

MSc in Strategic Business Management ➔


91ɫ collaborates with Pearl Academy in India on a range of business focused activity.

The University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) is a cross faculty University in India. 91ɫ is collaborating with UPES on a range of activities from faculty exchange to academic programmes.


LLM Online ➔


IEG Campus is a leading global education service provider that delivers an extensive range of educational services to learners with their global network partners. 91ɫ collaborates with IEG Campus to provide their students with the following online courses.

LLM Online ➔

Please contact the International Development Team for more information on any of our partnerships.

*the classification of regional groups is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories.